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Is a professional fiber laser marking machine, laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine laser equipment sales and laser engraving machines, production, research and development of high-tech enterprises. Also supply color plates, aluminum series engraving plates, as well as to undertake all types of plate engraving, equipment maintenance, as well as equipment replacement and other projects. My company and many domestic and foreign professional laser research institutions to establish a stable and cooperative relations. Over the years, high-tech, high-quality survival! With high integrity and high service development! To provide our customers with the highest quality technical support and maintenance services, and partnerships!
The main products include: CO2, YAG, semiconductors, fiber laser marking machine, plasma, laser cutting machine series, as well as CO2 laser engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, manual, electric, pneumatic Series Universal engraving machine, engraving machine.
Our products are widely used: metal products, electronics, integrated circuits, instrumentation, automotive parts, mobile communications, precision instruments, medical equipment, aerospace, military electronics, food and pharmaceutical packaging, jewelry, gift industry, printing plate, leather garments, sheet metal, glass products, advertising and other related industries.
We always take the technology first! Adhering to customer demand for the development! Actively recommend high-tech laser-quality products and provide excellent service! To the needs of different users more choices. Ambitious people willing to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!