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The development advantages and industry application of laser engraving machine


Laser engraving is completely imitate optimization hand plate design, laserengraving to the market, in ten years, through the software upgrade carved with a slope of 0.3MM, carving the corner light automatic compensation. The improvement of automatic engraving speed. Basically eliminated manualengraving. In addition, laser engraving, carving, eliminates the error of artificialcarved appear inevitable errors, the original good, hand carved a knife blocklayout errors, scrap, if not timely often cause the whole batch of cartons. Laser engraving is the use of software, the original input automatic carving, engravingerror does not exist. The Pearl River Delta 20 thousand hand engravingpractitioners basically already disappear from the scene, all workers.

Laser processing is currently the most advanced processing technology, itmainly uses the high efficiency laser engraving and cutting of materials, major equipment including computer and laser engraving machine (machine), the use of laser engraving and cutting process is very simple, just like using thecomputer and printer for printing on paper, in the use of a variety of graphicsprocessing software (CorelDRAW, Photoshop, CAD) after the graphic design,graphics will be transmitted to the laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine can be easily carved graphics onto any surface materials, and in accordance with the design requirements for the cutting edge.

In foreign countries, in the field of laser processing, laser transmitter is very expensive (hundreds of thousands to millions), but due to laser processing hasincomparable advantage of traditional processing, so in the United States,Germany, Italy and other countries of laser processing has accounted for more than 50% share of the processing industry.

Laser carving is a kind of sleeve plate imaging process. A printing platewrapped in steel cylinder body, then spins at very high speed (up to 2400rpm).The drum rotates at high speed at the same time, will be along the horizontalaxial movement and by laser engraving device, make the printing plateexposure in CO2 high power laser beam under. A printing plate absorbs energy of the laser beam and thus lead to printing plate material carving region ofthermal decomposition. After a quick rinse carved plate can be directly used for printing.

Professional 3D software so that the operator can control the dot shaped veryeasily, in order to ensure the picture and text area of high accuracy, including slope, relief height and dot size network formed at the bottom. Chengdu laser processing

The seihan process suitable for a variety of materials, including polymer, EPDM(three EPDM (containing dicyclopentadiene two dilute)) rubber sleeve andnickel screen electroforming cylinder emulsions. In the seihan process flexo printing, embossing and waterless offset printing, non graphics and text area bylaser ablation, the picture and text area is intact. Making rotary screen printing,graphics and text area material being ablation, in order to make the meshopenings formed. This is also the foundation to guarantee the good ink transferprinting process. The advantages of laser processing:

1, a wide range: carbon dioxide laser engraving and cutting on almost any nonmetallic materials. And the price is low!

2, safe and reliable: the use of non-contact processing, will not cause themechanical extrusion or stress on material. There were no marks, no damage to the surface of a workpiece; does not make the material deformation.

3, precise and detailed: machining precision can reach 0.02mm.

4, energy conservation and environmental protection: the beam and beam diameter is small, generally less than 0.5mm; cutting material saving, safety and health.

5, the same effect: guarantee the processing effect of the same batch ofexactly the same.

6, the high speed: immediately according to the computer output patterns of high-speed engraving and cutting. 7, low cost: not by the number of processing limitations, for small batch processing, laser processing is cheaper with the development of laser technology, laser engraving machine is widely used invarious fields, and promote the rapid development of processing industry.

Laser engraving is the use of high energy density of laser, illumination of a workpiece, so that the chemical reaction of material surface rapidly gasificationor color changed, in order to achieve the effect of sculpture.

After the formation of the focused laser beams, the workpiece surface materialremoval, which is characterized in that the process of carving as a non-contact processing, does not produce mechanical extrusion and external force, so as not to damage the workpiece machining; because the laser beam is very small,small heat affected zone, the processing of fine detail, can complete thetraditional machining process, corrosion, line cutting, welding and othermethods are unable to achieve.

Laser engraving machine applicable industry:

Electronic components, integrated circuits (IC) computer keyboard, jewelry,watches and glasses, metal products, mobile phone keys, shoes, handbags,clothing, computer embroidery, medical instruments, bamboo and wood products, craft gifts, lighting, furniture, packaging and printing, advertising decoration, trademark, model toys industry.

Laser engraving machine is suitable for materials: carbon steel, stainless steel,metal, marble, crystal, leather, cloth, wool, paper, wood, plastic, organic glass,resin, coating, plating, fire board, double color plate of glass, ceramics etc..