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2009-2012 Chinese laser industry research and Strategy Consulting Report


After nearly 50 years of hard work, the study of laser technology in China a major breakthrough, laser industry from scratch, become one of the sciencecircles of our country the most active area. At present, there are a total of 5 national level laser technology research center, more than 10 researchinstitutions; 21 provinces, city, production and sales of laser products,perennial stereotypes products production and sales, and formed a certainscale units have more than 200. At present the domestic laser enterprisesmainly concentrated in Hubei, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Guangdong(including Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and other economically developed provinces and cities). Has been basically formed in the provinces and cities as the main body of the central China, Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta fourlaser industry group, laser crystal, key components, fittings, laser, laser system,application development, public service platform has been formed a relatively complete industrial chain of laser. This will undoubtedly give industry the domestic laser to create more room for development.

Affected by the financial crisis, China's photovoltaic industry are subject to different degrees of impact, the laser industry affected by the financial crisis level is very high, the main reason is the laser equipments are applied to industrial manufacturing field, and manufacturing the overall industry declinegreatly affect the performance of laser manufacturers. Combined with thetechnology of laser domestic excessive dependence on the European and American countries, industry distribution is not uniform, overcapacity in some industries, some production problems, the future will have more bankruptcies,industry mergers and acquisitions will appear in succession. However,compared with the international gap laser processing system, laser processingsystem in China is very large, only accounts for about 2% of global sales. So the industry of our country still belongs to the laser processing equipmentindustry, its profitability is higher than the general traditional enterprises. At the same time, because of China's industrial enterprises mainly mechanicalprocessing enterprises, so the laser processing equipment has huge market demand, some domestic laser processing equipment manufacturing enterprisesis still expected to talent showing itself in the competition.

In 2009 and the next few years, with the implementation of national industry technology level and favorable policies to improve, Chinese laser industry will have greater development. Laser technology with many new subjects combined, will be more close to people's daily life, and to develop in the direction of solid lasers, semiconductor lasers and diode pumped solid state laser becomes the dominant direction of laser processing equipment, the laserindustry mergers and acquisitions will flourish, companies strive to become theindustry giant, laser products will be applied more deep in the industrial production, transportation, communication, information processing, medical,military and cultural education, and improve the independent innovation ability of the industry, to meet the development trend of globalization, the formation ofa new economic growth point. Estimated in the next three years China's laserindustry average industry compound growth rate should be no less than 20%.The next 5 years, the market demand China laser products will be more than 60000000000 yuan.

This report mainly the National Bureau of statistics, the Ministry of Commerce,the national development and Reform Commission, the State General Administration of customs, Ministry of industry and information technology,Wuhan. Lots of information publication China Optics Valley Laser Association,domestic and foreign based information and laser industry research unit and information released, combined with in-depth market research data, based on the overall development trend the laser industry, the China laser industry development, economic data, the main market segments, import and export,such as the pattern of competition are analyzed and predicted, carries on the discussion and the analysis and the overall environment and the developmenttrend of the future development of laser industry, based in front of a large number of analysis, forecasting, research development the laser industry and investment strategy for the future, insight into the laser enterprises in the fierce competition in the market the initiative, timely adjust business strategyaccording to market demand, strategic investors to choose the appropriatetiming of investment and the leadership of the company to provide marketintelligence information and scientific basis for decision-making accurate to do strategic planning, but also has great reference value to bank credit department.