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Why to scramble for manufacturers of fiber laser


A static laser answer for you:

Cutting technology is constantly improving, and the fiber laser cutting has become one of the industry's most advanced technology. Fiber laser cuttingtechnology appear only in the past 3 to 5 years. Although many companies are just beginning to understand the technology, but also began to realize optical fiber laser cutting and the difference between the common carbon dioxide laser cutting.

Thermal cutting methods mainly include the flame, plasma and laser cutting technology of laser cutting, which can achieve the best cutting quality,especially for the diameter and thickness than fine features and is smaller than the hole cutting 1:1. In this way, the laser cutting technology has become themethod of strict requirements cut is most suitable for the industry.

In laser cutting category, fiber laser cutting gained a lot of attention, because it not only provides a carbon dioxide laser cutting speed and cutting quality can be realized, and significantly reducing the cost of maintenance and operation.So the fiber laser cutting has good prospects, many experts believe it will soonreplace the other laser cutting system.

The main advantage of fiber cutting

Carbon dioxide laser cutting technology, carbon dioxide gas is to generatelaser medium. However, the fiber laser is the transmission through the diode and fiber optic cable. Fiber laser system through multiple diode

Pumped laser beam, and then through the flexible fiber optic cable transmission to the laser cutting head, rather than through the mirror beam. Ithas many advantages, the first is the cutting bed size. Set within a certain distance mirror must be gas laser technology, and its different, fiber laser technology without limit. And even the plasma fiber laser mounted cutting bed in plasma cutting head, carbon dioxide laser cutting technology without thisoption. Similarly, in the same power gas and cutting system, because of the ability of fiber-optic bending makes the system more compact.

Optical fiber cutting technology is the most important and significant advantage is its energy efficiency. With a single design of solid state digital module, optical fiber laser complete, fiber laser cutting system has higher than carbon dioxidelaser cutting electro-optic conversion efficiency. For each power unit carboncutting system, the actual average utilization rate of about 8% to 10%. The fiber laser cutting system, the user can expect higher power efficiency, about 25% to 30%. In other words, fiber cutting overall system energy consumption less than carbon dioxide cutting system is about 3 to 5 times, the efficiency is improved to greater than 86%.

The characteristics of fiber laser with a short wavelength, so as to improve theabsorption of light cutting materials, but also makes it possible to cut such as brass and copper, and the non conductive material. The beam is more concentrated to produce smaller focus and deep depth of focus, so that thefiber laser can quickly cut thin materials and more effectively cutting mediumthickness materials. Cutting thickness to 6mm materials, cutting speed 1.5kWfiber laser cutting system is equivalent to cutting speed 3kW CO2 laser cutting system. Because the operation cost is lower than ordinary carbon fiber cuttingcutting the cost of the system, so it can be understood as the output increasebusiness costs.