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Laser marking machine common species


Laser marking machines of various types. Common type basically can be divided into semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser markingmachine, laser marking machine

Semiconductor laser marking machine

Suitable for all metal material, can in the electroplating materials, coating materials, coating materials, plastics and rubber, resin, ceramic materials such as high resolution, mark very beautiful words and patterns. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts, aerospace parts, industrial bearings, seals,mould, electronic components, electrical appliances, electronic communication,precision hardware, gift accessories, medical equipment, PVC pipe, integrated circuit (IC), watches, instruments and sanitary ware industry carving.

Working principle.

Semiconductor laser marking machine, laser wavelength is 1064nm, the output power, good stability, uniform, fine engraving lines can deep carving.Semiconductor laser with high power light emitting diode as an energy source,ND:YAG as the working substance, a light of wavelength 1064nm to workmaterial and energy into high power light emitting diode, thereby releasing thelaser, the laser energy release after amplification by X, Y scanning lens, beam control movement, so as to produce exquisite patterns.

The machine features:

 engraving depth and carved material on laser absorption and laser carvedtime on the material factors;

I can be a variety of patterns, LOGO, text and other information marker. Laser marking non-toxic, no pollution and high efficiency;

 using high-speed scanning galvanometer, than the traditional laser equipment deep engraving in speed has obvious advantages;

 low operation cost, the low power consumption, the use of recycled watercooling type cooling advanced, good heat dissipation effect.

The software function:

I support the rotary marking

I support the large area XY platform automatic segmentation marking

You can receive a variety of BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI and other formats

 automatically generate a variety of serial number, production date, bar code,two-dimensional code

I support the marking on the fly