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Laser marking machine power down and measures


Many causes light marking machine power down, the following common cause.

1 laser power output 30V DC voltage drop, the laser output power decrease

Solution: replace the power supply.

2, the optical system is not accurate

Solution: adjust the laser.

Solution: adjust the beam expanding lens position, the incident light in thebeam expanding lens light aperture center, light to light hole center.

3, the surface is no longer the focal plane

Solution: adjust the workpiece surface to focus

4, lens position, direction is not accurate

The solution: the requirements of the beam expanding mirror adjustment;

The beam expanding mirror adjustment is not good for laser marking effect has great influence, mainly reflected in the:

A, laser power down;

B, marking the laser intensity is not uniform format;

D, can not play a beam expanding effect.

Laser 5, into the mirror off center

Solution: adjust the laser.

6, lens, lens have defaced phenomenon

Solution: clean or replace.