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CCTV broadcasted laser engraving


China laser equipment through continuous R & D, the laser device that remains in the laboratory of laser technology and equipment, can be 24 hours of continuous work, one of the world's only a few have "UV laser patent" country.

This piece of carved on the bamboo slips of the "art of war" has 5900 Chinese characters and 24 groups of characters, using artificial carving requires a minimum of one month, if put on the laser engraving machine, time is shortened to 2 hours.

Currently the largest laser processing system integrators, start at the beginning, they are like many of its peers, the fault rate is very high, belongs towork only a few hours "experiment", based on the analysis of a large number of experiments, overcoming the high frequency components and demanding laseroptical lens on the environment, become the domestic the first is capable of producing 24 hours of continuous work laser equipment company.

In this consists of 10 layers of circuit board and pressed into a smart mobile phone motherboard, there are tens of thousands of small to large grain, thinhair holes for mounting electronic components, drilling in all through the "hole",there are invisible to the naked eye only through the two or three layer circuit board "blind", the laser drilling machine speed and accuracy requirements arehitherto unknown.

Through research and development institutions set up independently in USASilicon Valley, China to keep pace with the development of internationaltechnology in the field of laser application. At present, the patent applicationand authorization with independent intellectual property rights of our laser hasmore than 1000, laser in China marking machines, laser drilling machines, highpower fiber laser cutting machine production and sales ranked first in the world.At present, 50% of the sales from the world's top 500 enterprises.