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How to carry out the safety operation of engraving machine


Mechanical operation is the most important security problem, which relates to the operation of the personal safety and the service life of the machine, so how to safe operation of laser engraving machine? There are three specific pointsto note:

The working environment, safety rules

To keep the working environment clean, use process 1. Oil, debris, water on the floor is the result of unsafe factors.

2, to ensure that no dangerous goods in the workplace obstacles.

3, tools after use should be timely homing.

Two, personal safety operation procedures

Safety regulation is an important part of daily work, you should understand theequipment working procedures, understand the importance to comply withsafety regulations. Beyond all expectations, loud noise, the action must be avoided. So, these things lead to unsafe factors. If the operator inadvertentlyclothing roll machine, will likely lead to injuries and other accidents. During the operation, please follow the following tips:

1, avoid the necktie and scarf, wearing jewelry.

2, avoid wearing loose clothes.

3, only in contact with sharp or hot parts with gloves.

4, to ban drink or poor mental state when operating the machine.

5, when the spindle runs not to put your hands on the table.

6, pay attention to and comply with all safety identification.

7, equipment repair, shut off the power supply

8, during operation must wear protective goggles and earplugs, the hair up,wear protective cap.

Daily maintenance of three, engraving machine:

In the proper maintenance, engraving system shall have an annual repair. Fordaily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance. Make the maintenance time based on a 40 hour work week.

Daily maintenance

Engraving system should be cleaned every day. To blow or suck up all the machines of small fragments. Particular attention is paid to the local mechanical transmission, if there is debris in it, may lead to breakdown.

Weekly maintenance

Engraving system should be thoroughly cleaned every week. Application ofvacuum filter in the control box clean. Any product in gear and rack of things should be sucked out. Z axis screw should use the original lubricating oil. Do not use WD-40 oil to lubricate Z axis screw. If the Z axis screw with TEFLON coating, no need of lubrication!

Monthly maintenance

Based on the daily and weekly cleaning, gear monthly need cleaning brush andclean up a degreaser. Gear after the clean, with lithium base grease. The toolbox with a bottle of special lubricating oil.

Quarterly maintenance

Every quarter should be to protect the X and Y axes of the cover open, check the drive and gear wear. To confirm each gear can work normally and no connection is loose. Check the table top bolt, make sure they are tightly connected.

The annual maintenance

Manufacturers require all drive belt replaced once a year, at the same time, Lo sets of Z shaft must be replaced once a year.