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Laser marking machine brand beyond


The laser marking machine has been accepted by various industries,inseparable principle and advantages of its work. Cold processing of laser marking machine, literally can understand that this is no longer the goods by heating to surface to be machined trace identity, especially electronic devicesis not high temperature resistant material, so the use of laser marking machinemarking no heat damage any, traditional marking the annual cost of materialstechnology undoubtedly restricted the development of China's electronicsindustry, laser marking machine without supplies in the use process, can reduce the marking cost, and is used in computer control, can not only reducethe probability of artificial operation failure is improper, but also can greatly improve the processing efficiency, the market prospects can not be estimated.

The morning of April 22nd, held the first quarter than laser staff meeting,namely development conference in 2013, the same as before, the meetingreviewed the past year glorious course, sum up and plan new development direction, but this meeting more into a lot of new ideas, according to reports,the company made the first at the meeting mobilization of all employees to participate in the company's management, pay attention to corporate culture,training employees to master the sense of responsibility. Wu ahead of laserindustry, in the area of Shenzhen is a superpower, in particular, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, the most popular local area, occupying 75% market share. In 2013, beyond the laser will have any breakthrough, has been the focus of attention of the industry.

The meeting thought clear, clear objectives, signifying its leadership courage and vision, the successful holding of this meeting, identified beyond the laser in 2013 a new starting point, a more consolidated its leading position be secure against assault in the same industry, we have reason to believe that the future will be, beyond the laser marking machine, a twinkling star laser machine industry!