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China's first automatic capsule laser marking machine successfully developed


The first fully automatic capsule laser marking machine recently in Zhejiangprovince Xinchang County developed. This is an international initiative, fill theblank of domestic major technological breakthrough and industry innovation of China's pharmaceutical industry. To solve the problem of pharmaceutical andcapsule production enterprises long-term use of the printing ink capsule.

The laser marking machine exquisite workmanship, good visual effect, print per hour more than 50000 particle. Compared with the traditional printing machine,printing without any supplies, non-toxic side effects after printing products,saving ink costs for the capsule, pharmaceutical production enterprises, but also improve the edible safety.

All the time, hard capsule is drugs, health products manufacturing enterprisesthe most commonly used packaging. Enterprises for product identification,protection of the independent brand and to prevent counterfeit and shoddy,are identified in the capsule surface printing, print the logo only traditional ink printing. Although the national and industry standards have stringent requirements, edible ink capsule printing ink must conform to the standard, butin the actual production process, manufacturers in the pursuit of profitmaximization, the low-grade edible ink, even non edible ink for printing. There is no better alternative products, therefore, long plagued the capsule production enterprises.

Experts say, the medicines and healthcare products is not an ordinary commodity, consumers not to perceive the composition and content of harmful substances. Residues in the capsule of the ink will be more or less to affect the human body. The use of the printing ink capsule and its safety and hazard hasattracted widespread attention in the industry and consumer. Therefore, somedrug manufacturers would rather give up the brand identity, also do not use the printing ink capsule.

Zhejiang province Xinchang County, is the production of capsule Town, known as the capsule town name. Zhejiang medicine and country help pharmaceuticaland other large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprise in Xinchang. To this end, Xinchang County who laser products limited company from the beginning of 2007, experts and technical personnel research and development of fully automatic capsule laser marking machine, after 3 years of hard work,finally successfully developed a fully automatic capsule computer controlled laser marking machine, and has registered software copyright and declared a number of national patents. Tested in accordance with the capsule, the drugs production enterprise requirements.

At present, the machine has been produced and put on the market, and create a new era of the pharmaceutical industry from the printing ink capsule into thelaser printing.