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Types of laser marking machine


At present, the most common laser marking machine mainly by CO2 laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machinewas gradually being replaced by semiconductor laser marking machine, lasermarking machine market has become a most models, another end pumped laser high-end some marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, UVlaser marking machine.

According to different classification of 1 laser

Laser marking machine according to the different laser can be divided into:CO2 laser marking machine, laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, laser marking machine. In accordance with the laser visibility is divided into: UV laser marking machine (not visible), green laser marking machine (visible laser), infrared laser marking machine (not visible laser).

2 according to the classification of laser wavelength

Laser marking machine according to the different laser wavelength can be divided into: 532nm laser marking machine, 808nm laser marking machine,1064nm laser marking machine, 10.64nm laser marking machine, 266nm laser marking machine, 322nm laser marking machine.

The current domestic market Huagong laser semiconductor laser markingmachine market share up to. DP semiconductor laser marking machine has the advantages of small volume, maintenance free, easy to use, wide applicationetc.. Laser marking machine is also called "laser engraving machine", "in theagricultural machinery manufacturing in laser engraving machine" role is very big.