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Influence and restrict the 3D printing industry fast large-scale industrialization factors


Influence and restrict the 3D printing industry fast large-scale industrializationhas the following aspects

1 is to control cost in equipment demand to have explosive growth. The current 3D printer prices high, expensive equipment can only provide limited value.Even if the 3D printer cost can be reduced, but the manufacturing cost of a single commodity still unresolved. Manufacturing products using a 3D printer,its cost is much higher than that in large enterprises, large scale productionwas equal to every piece of merchandise cost. The latter than the speed ofmass production manufacturing 3D print products much faster.

2 is the material limit constraints on the formation of the scope of application ofthe 3D printing technology. At present, the 3D printer consumables Co., forgypsum, plastic, adhesive powder particles, resin, manufacturing precision,complexity, strength is difficult to meet the higher requirements, generally onlyin the application model, toys and other products in the field. For metallicmaterials, if the liquefied printing is difficult to molding; by powder metallurgy method, in addition to high temperature is high, the technology that short-termdifficult to mature.

3 is the performance defects of 3D printing technology products temporarily unable to compensate for the. 3D printing is not suitable for the manufacture of high precision parts directly, later still requires manual processing. Because 3Dis a layer of a layer of printed material stacking forming, each layer has athickness, which determines the traditional manufacturing method of its accuracy unattainable. To improve the manufacturing precision need to continuously reduce the thickness of each layer, while difficult to improve themanufacturing time is greatly prolonged. Even between layer and layer bondedto closely, the product performance is not traditional die casting parts andcomparable