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Laser engraving machine matters needing attention


Item title laser engraving machine should pay attention to in the use of, for a long time, laser engraving machine has been hovering at fourth pages, the recent development of laser engraving machine website, hope in this update as soon as possible on the home page, ha ha, good below to see details of my.

1: non grounding boot the machine, laser engraving cutting machine all part of the ground must be completely reliable, in order to prevent static electricity.

2: each must check whether water submersible pump after startup, such as no water do not start work.

3: to ensure the moderate water temperature, water quality of circulating waterin dry static no debris (it is recommended to use pure water). Replacing the circulating water on a regular basis (7 days).

4: the mixture with a camera lens paper or cotton special stick alcohol and ether to wipe the mirror and the focusing mirror. (ether and alcohol mixture ratio 1:1)

5: the sculpture must open the fan, so as to avoid pollution of the lens and the focusing mirror.

6: near the laser machine equipment is strictly prohibited to place inflammable,explosive, machine work, must be the top cover plate to prevent fire or laserdeflection.

7: in the machine working process, the operator is prohibited to leave, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

8: non professional personnel is strictly prohibited without permission to open the machine, in order to avoid accident.

9: equipment is strictly prohibited to place any irrelevant reflective objects, to avoid a direct reflection of laser to human body or inflammable goods,dangerous.

10: the prohibition of the boot when the voltage is unstable, it must use the regulator.

The above summary of the 17 note is very important, it summarizes all of the safety problems in the using process, people in the use of laser engraving machine must pay attention to the above 17 operating rules, security is important, so the operation must pay attention, good thank you support my website.