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Compared with the existing laser welding and welding method


Laser marking machine with Xi'an some welding methods have what different,difference now we look at these two

Laser welding principle -- the laser is a light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation ", because of its unique high brightness, high directivity,high monochromaticity, high coherence, since its birth, and its application in industrial processes is very extensive, become processing means commonfuture manufacturing system. Laser welding process is using high intensitylaser beam, laser beam through optical system focus, power density of thelaser focus for 104~107W/cm2, heating melting near the workpiece in laser focus, intensity and melting phenomena can be produced mainly depends on the material surface, the laser power density and peak time power. To control the parameters can make different welding processing method at presentsensor seal welded by a laser: resistance welding, argon arc welding, electron beam welding, plasma welding etc..

1, resistance welding: it is used to weld thin metal parts, between two electrodes clamping surface workpiece by current melting electrode contact,namely by resistance heating to carry out the welding workpiece. The workpiece deformation, resistance welding joint welded by laser welding on both sides, but only from the unilateral, resistance welding with electrodes need regular maintenance to remove oxides and the workpiece from the adhesion ofmetal, sheet metal laser welding is not in contact with the workpiece,furthermore, the beam can also enter the conventional welding to welding andregion, welding speed.

2, argon arc welding: using non consumable electrode and protective gas,used to weld thin workpiece, but the welding speed is slow, and the heat input of laser welding of large than many, easy deformation.

3, plasma arc welding and argon arc: similar, but the torch will producecompressed arc, arc temperature to improve the energy density, it than argon arc welding speed, deep penetration laser welding, but inferior to.

4, electron beam welding: it against a beam of accelerated high densityelectronic flow impact the workpiece, generate huge heat on the surface of the workpiece is very small dense product, form a "keyhole" effect, thus the implementation of deep penetration welding. The main disadvantage ofelectron beam welding is the need for high vacuum environment to prevent theelectron scattering, complex equipment, welding size and shape by the vacuum chamber, the Han assembly strict quality requirements, non vacuum electron beam welding can also be implemented, but because the electron scatteringand focusing not good effect. Electron beam welding and magnetic deviationand X ray, because the electronic charge, will be deflected by a magnetic field,the electron beam welding workpiece welded to the magnetic treatment. X rayunder high pressure is particularly strong, need to protect the operator. Laser welding without vacuum chamber and the workpiece before welding to the magnetic treatment, it can be carried out in the atmosphere, also did notprevent X ray, so can operate on-line in the production line, can also be weldedmagnetic material.