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Laser marking machine used in the plastic product labeling


With the living standards and people's security consciousness unceasing enhancement, the national legal punishment does not conform to the food,medical supplies the provisions of the state and so on, it is understood in themedical catheter and other small parts, bar code or alphanumeric identificationsymbols must be clear edge, unbonded or ambiguous phenomenon. Because the medical catheter contact with body fluids, so the marker symbols must benon-toxic, and can not be washed off the body fluid.

Mechanical engraving marks cannot be used in the medical catheter, catheterfor surface quality is changed, bacteria easily gathered in the marker symbols.But fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine marking does notexist such a problem. A comparison among the purple marker using a laser marking machine "cold" process, clear edge. Because the ultraviolet affects only the photosensitive dyes, and doesn't affect the bearing dye labeled matrix,consistency so UV can generate high quality in a variety of plastic.