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Semiconductor laser marking machine card technology


Laser marking machine software system can easily edit single body text, TTF text, date, time, sequence number; automatic graph alignment, circular layout function;

You can draw graphics with the mouse; can easily import the PLT file, and extract the profile from BMP image. It does not affect the normal operation of the production line,

The laser can realize online products production line marking, thus greatly improve production efficiency. The marking speed range up to O ~ 60 m / min or 1 ~ 20 / s.

The system can be easily modified marking content, setting marking power size,speed control parameter. Marking lines, shades of freely. Users can alsodesign special

Security code, because the data encryption technology, different users evenhave a marking system, also cannot marking the same content, which makes the system have good

The anti-counterfeit marking function.

Laser marking machine board functional test software can complete the card allfunction test. Laser marking machine

Not only provide the channel select function, for the D / A control the output of the test; and to provide DI input signal, the output signal of the DO test and the COUNTER calculator

Test function. Through the design of test software, improve the efficiency of the system design, also can be separated from the actual performance of each module is tested, discover each die

Block design, making the system more stable in the marking process.

The computer PCI bus design of laser marking machine control system based on improved the control instruction, transmitting speed and control precision.Design and development of Win-dows 2000 / xP

The WDM driver; improve the stability of the system; reduce the hardwarecompatibility and error operating system crashes, blue screen phenomenoncaused by. The CPLD devices will be local

Logic processing and controlling of data storage and other functions in a body;the Altera hardware programming language AHDL designed IP core withEPM7064SLC44-10 devices

PWM signal to achieve the accurate output of fixed frequency and variablefrequency, reducing the use of separation device, make the system modularization degree is greatly improved, simplified the PCB layout,

At the same time for the system upgrade and expansion. Use CPLD encryptionof excellent performance, the system characteristic information and storing theencrypted logic, and control software with the realization of system hardware

Software encryption, to ensure that the system is unique, can effectively improve the anti-counterfeiting ability marking content. The control system has been widely applied in the industrial field.