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Laser marking machine is the mainstream of the work station


Laser marking machine at work due to machining workpiece with different thickness, so need to have bench focal length adjustment function, its essence is a down regulation of the working machine structure.

At present the mainstream laser marking machine table, the principle ofmachinery is a table surface four angle by four round support, the middle of a screw rod; the table base has 4 guide sleeve, a sleeve nut, the nut through a pair of bevel gear transmission with a 90 degree turn, a handle rotating table in front of work, adjust the height of the table. The agency from the principle thatis more complex, more parts, especially the four light and the guide sleeve and the screw between the machining precision, easy to cause in the lifting processis not smooth, table plane edge lifting edge torsion pendulum. More to the point, mechanical strength that is very poor, for heavy workpiece does not adapt, long-term use can cause the laser marking machine worktable plane torsion.

The laser engraving machine power off, with a clean soft cloth to clean theguideway, and then on the guide rail drop of oil, after the oil in the block on theguide rail for rolling back and forth, to ensure that the lubricating oil into the slider internal. After the oil in the block on the guide rail for rolling back and forth, it must first put rail mounted, careful not to fix the guide, to nail all the good, to maintain the level, the belt and the slide block is fixed, then the lens isinstalled, dimming X to exit.

Laser cutting machine used a large number of bearings, in order to ensure good cutting, carving effect, part of the bearing requires regular gas (oil bearing except), with a clean soft cloth to wipe off the dust on the bearing, with the needle tube oil suction tube, and then use the needle slowly into thebearing, the bearing oil when rotated slowly

Laser cutting machine drive system with a plurality of synchronous belt, if the synchronous belt is too loose, there will be engraved fonts ghosting, if the timing belt is too tight, will cause the belt wear. After a period of use, please adjust the timing belt tensioning screw, the synchronous belt is adjusted to a snug fit, carving characters not ghosting, and laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine running very low noise is appropriate, technicians or consultfactory.

Laser laser engraving machine in the tube is a cooling circulation water, long-term use, there will be some white scale tube, we can add a small amount ofvinegar in the water circulation in the tube, drain away, then use clean water tothe laser tube internal circulation flushing clean, so that the laser tube will be in the best work, life will be extended.