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Causes for the decline of laser marking machine power and the elimination method


There are many reasons leading to the laser marking machine power down,common causes are the following eight points inside, here for everyone to introduce the relevant problems and solutions.

One, marking speed solution: slow down.

Two, the laser power output 30V DC voltage drop, the laser output power dropsolution: replace the power supply.

Three, the optical system is not accurate solution: adjust the laser beam expander, adjust the position, the incident light in the beam expanding lens light aperture center, light to light hole center.

Four, the surface is no longer the focal plane - solution: adjust the workpiece surface to focus

Five, lens position, orientation is not accurate solution: the beam expanding mirror adjustment; the beam expanding mirror adjustment is not good for laser marking effect has great influence, mainly reflected in: A, laser power down; B,marking the laser intensity is not uniform format; C, computing machinesoftware set center from the vibrating lens optical center of physics; D, can not play a beam expanding effect.

Laser six, into the mirror off center - solution: adjust the laser.

Seven, lens, lens is defacing solution: clean or replace.

Eight, if you have been using 2-3 for years, to consider the use of end of life -the solution: the need to charge or replace with new laser.