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Laser engraving machine is widely used in carton packaging industry


Laser engraving machine is widely used in carton packaging industry, carton packaging industry in the coastal regions, especially in the Pearl River Deltaregion is a mature industry, with the most advanced production technology is the most close, laser engraving machine, carton packaging industry over the scale of production, in the Pearl River triangle area started in the early eighty's,than the mainland 10 years later - 20 years. The Pearl River Delta regioncarton packaging industry in the mid ninety's, after fifteen years of rapid development, mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, local entrepreneurs boldly introduce foreign corrugated cardboard production line and carton production line, until the full grasp of foreign advanced production technology through the introduction of digestion and absorption of laser engraving machine. The Yangtze River Delta region to start earlier, really developed later than the Pearl River Delta, the Pearl River Delta with reference to the successful development experience, little take many detours.

In the late ninety's, with the successful R & D technology of laser engraving machine, corrugated box packaging printing, has been gradually applied laser engraving technology. In fact, corrugated packaging is divided into two categories, one is the sales packaging, another kind is the transport packaging. Transport packaging is packaging: packaging, such as toothpaste,soap, cigarette case, basically meet with consumption in the sales process, its main role is to facilitate their storage, transportation. In addition, color TV,refrigerator between air conditioning, electric rice cooker between two is thetransport packaging and sales packaging, printing requirements in about 60 lines, transport packaging generally in about 40 lines, sales packaging in more than 80 line belongs to the color offset. Laser engraving machine is a high and new technology products in the world, light, machine, electricity integration of product technology content is very high. According to relevant statistics,China's more than 90% belong to the transport packaging carton, most of thecarton printing equipment. Laser engraving machine with automatic engraving function, accurate, efficient and clear. A laser engraving machine output poweris only 900W, practice has proved, laser power is energy saving andprocessing, environmental processing. Automatic laser engraving, can achieve 40 lines 60 line printing effect, hand plate in the 40 line.