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Several factors determine the ability of laser engraving machine


In the high-speed engraving, still get the ultra fine engraving quality carvingstrength carving strength refers to shoot to the material surface laser intensity. For the specific engraving machine speed, strength is greater,engraving machine cutting or engraving depth is greater. You can use the engraving machine panel adjustment strength, also can use the computer to print driver to adjust. Range, performance of a laser engraving machine. The magnitude of the adjustment is more intensity, laser engraving machineequivalent velocity. The cutting depth is deeper the spot size of the beam spot size can be adjusted by different focal length lens. Laser engraving machine is mainly composed of speed of laser engraving machine, carving strength and spot size and decision. Laser engraving machine engraving speed engraving speed refers to the laser head moving speed, high speed and high production efficiency. Speed is also used to control the cutting depth, for a particular laser intensity, the slower the speed, cutting or engraving depth, the general laser engraving machine can be engraved the following materials: wood, organic glass, metal plate, glass, stone, crystal, Corian, paper, color plates, aluminum,leather, resin, metal spray. The process is very simple, the use of laserengraving machine cutting. As the use of computer and printer for printing on paper. Each laser engraving machine carving out a composed of a series ofpoints of a line, laser engraving machine engraving method according todifferent can be divided into differentbitmap carving and vector: dot matrix engraving sculpture resembles a high-resolution dot matrix printer. Laser engraving machine laser head swing. Then the laser head to move up and down carved lines, the last full page image or text. Scan graphics, text and vector graphics can use bitmap carving. Vector cutting and dot matrixengraving, vector cutting the outer contour line is graphic of. Laser engraving machine usually use this mode through cutting in the wood, Senanayake tablets, paper and other materials, can also be marking operation on the surface of various materials.