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The laser head laser engraving machine is not a light fault analysis


Today to tell you about the laser head laser engraving machine is not a lightfault analysis, actually a lot of laser engraving machines in use process, will appear a series of failures, today on the laser engraving machine to you with analysis. The details of my.

The laser head laser engraving machine is the most important part of laserengraving machine, if the optical head is not good, then the laser engraving machine is not good. Laser engraving machine maintenance, maintenance,maintenance of the most important laser head. Everyone in the use of laserengraving machine, touch

To a variety of problems.

1 press the panel test key operation laser engraving machine view the currenttable has no current indication: if no current, need to check the laser power supply is connected, high-voltage line is loose or fall off, the signal line is loose;if there is a current, check the laser lens is broken, laser tube

Aperture and lens is pollution, light path is serious deviation.

Machine water circulation system 2 check laser engraving is normal? If no water, check the damage or no electricity; if the water inlet, outlet, checkwhether the reverse or pipe is broken.

The 3 burst out light, computer control engraving does not shine, optical coupling connection plate to the power control check laser engraving machine.