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Laser engraving machine in the operation of machining


As the characteristics of static laser engraving machine based on high energydensity, laser operable, influence to the traditional manual processing and mechanical processing equipment and technology. Be several times to improve work efficiency, to a certain extent, grasp the quality of the products, is moreinferior materials can become more efficient and economic benefit. Equipment of laser engraving machine is wide range of processing materials, cutting edgesmooth and burr free, free polishing, no noise, dust free, fast processing speed, high precision, high efficiency, less waste, is the best choice for various industries and upgrading of. Can be reduced to be carving deformation and internal stress, and can be widely used for fine carving field for various non-metallic materials. Laser engraving machine stable and perfect, the device uses optical path design, flight of unique structure, small deviation in the optical path, high stability, convenient regulation. Optical accessories adopt importedK9 mirror and ZnSe focusing mirror the most high-quality, reflectance / transmittance in the same parts in the highest, the facula ThinnerThe cut stronger. Laser engraving machine can also choose the processing area the best according to their own needs, thus greatly improving the rich products.