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Application of laser engraving machine in processing uppers


The laser engraving machine has the advantage of allowing all kinds of patterns in a variety of surface materials rapid surface carving and hollowing,due to the processing of laser engraving machine is a non-contact processing method, so it will not produce any outside deformation. It has high precision carving, pierced without flash, can be processed in any shape of a variety ofadvantages. But it is also because the laser engraving machine has thecharacteristics of high density of energy, so the cutting in the processing of laser engraving machine or laser cutting shoe materials, especially the light colored material (such as white cream), or special materials (such as the mirrormaterial), the upper surface or inside, appear easily burnt or yellowing. In order to prevent the emergence of this phenomenon, in the production process, we need to upper surface protection treatment, usually method:

A protective film, paste, must stick, stick, not a bubble.

Two, the upper soaked, this method is suitable for some materials.

Three, to adjust the laser processing parameters, the method of multiple smallfire.

The three point is to produce high temperature to prevent processing laser engraving machine cutting through or laser hollow when a vamp, burn uppersurface or inside, the necessary protection measures and produce.