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How to select laser engraving machine for processing applications


Laser engraving machine laser engraving and mechanical engraving, class two, two class has large and small power points. Because the scope of application of laser engraving machine is very wide, so it is necessary tounderstand the various carving machine is the most suitable scope of application:

1, the chest card: small power laser engraving machine (engraving machine),large power and small power laser engraving machine;

2, building model: big, small power laser engraving machine;

3, metal (such as mould, chapter) processing: big, small power laser engraving machine (large power and time saving due to each cutting quantity);

4, the word crystal production: high power laser engraving machine (above 50W), big power mechanical engraving machine;

5, wood, organic glass, artificial stone plate: power mechanical engraving machine;

6, display, exhibition model: large power, large format laser engraving machine.