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Fault processing method of engraving machine


Laser engraving machine common fault and its treatment method

(1) how to save time

In the small size of the product of mass production with the specifications of thetime (such as 75X25mm tags, X) the direction of maximum width should be less than 300mm, which can make the laser head to reverse speed, thus improve the speed. Bitmap in the engraving, may be appropriate to reduce the resolution, to accelerate the pace of. In addition, laser machining depth andpower, speed is proportional to, which is the same power condition fasterengraving depth is more shallow, whereas more deep, so you should try toimprove the speed and power to shorten the time.

(2) how to avoid waste

A red light positioning equipment standard laser in general. In the processing ofirregular products, should be the first to use red light positioning observationcarving position is accurate, and then formally processing. For not previouslyseen material, should follow the principle of power from low to high. Engraving machine

(3) the machine without laser

The magnetic switch and circuit first check on the cover, the front door with no loosening, shed (Shandong has a user, the first night, the machine from inside to outside clean, found the morning of the second day the machine does notemit laser, after examination is to clean the machine when the magneticswitching off.). Then check the reflection, focusing lens has no problem (Beijinga user wiping reflex lenses, no screw fixing screw loosening, resulting in the lens, and cause no laser. If not the above reason, must and repair personnelcontact, please do not self treatment. )

(4) a large area of engraving, cutting depth

This is because the laser light path is not caused by. As long as the optical path adjustment is on the line (with special training in the purchase).

(5) carved font deformation

A, if the car pulley with serious wear and tear, causing head trolley loose,replace the pulley.

B, if the Y axis direction on both sides of the belt tension is not the same, sixangle screw and tension is adjusted at the end of Y axis.

C, if the X axis left from the wheel wear, replace the wheel.

D, if the X axis motor fault, replace the motor.

E, if the fastening screws X axis motor and a belt pulley is loose, tighten the screws.

Laser engraving machine is connected with the flat cable damage, replace thenormal use after.