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Selection of the puncture point in laser processing


The processing of laser engraving machine working principle of laser beam is:in the process of processing, material by continuous laser irradiation in the center to form a pit, and then by the work flow and laser beam coaxial molten material removal will soon form a hole. The hole is similar to the threading holein wire cutting, laser beam machining this hole is a starting point for contourcutting, often flying light path of the laser beam alignment direction and is processed the components perpendicular to the tangent direction of the cuttingcontour.

Solving method for non normal spark of laser engraving machine of low carbon steel, this situation will machine section finish machining quality affects the laser cutting. When other parameters are normal circumstances, should consider the following situation: loss of laser head nozzle NOZZEL, should replace the nozzlein a timely manner. In the absence of the new nozzle changing circumstances,should increase the cutting gas pressure; nozzle and the laser head connectionscrew loosening. At this point should be cut immediately suspend the laser engraving machine, laser head connected state inspection, re fine thread.