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Laser engraving machine maintenance need to focus on several aspects


As a kind of mechanical products commonly used today, in many companiescan see the use of laser engraving machine, which is adapt to the laser processing equipment. This technology, can be said to be the highest level at present, so it is very significant for the promotion of productivity. In order to better play to the use value of the equipment must pay attention to the dailymaintenance work, adhere to the following points:

The 1 tank cleaning

In the use of equipment before must ensure that keep circulating water filledstate, and the need to thoroughly clean the water tank. You know, the water quality of circulating water will directly influence the service life of laser tube, so do not permit a week cleansing frequency, which is the most basic.

2 Fan clean

As one of the important components, with the use of time can easily lead tosubstantial accumulation of dust, it will appear the noise problem, which leads to the working environment is bad. Therefore, in the daily nursing care forcleaning the parts need to be more positive.

3 rail cleaning

As one of the core components, guide the role is very important, mainly to guarantee the basic support for smooth movement, the effects of equipment is very direct. Once the part surface corrosion of words is easy to cause the laser engraving machine equipment service life shorten. Basically, the professionalopinion at least need to ensure that every half a month cleaning frequencytime. In addition, the plot before the need to power off, this is the most secure way.

4 optical inspection

The optical inspection is necessary, otherwise in the processing time is prone to offset the situation.