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Laser engraving used in mechanical and electrical manufacturing industries have what merit?


In the fields of mechanical manufacture laser processing can be said to be the highest level of productivity standard, and compared to the traditionalengraving, laser engraving of the more obvious advantages. Especially in theprocess of mechanical manufacturing in its application as a frequency is very high, the object through the crisis program control way which is often ispreferred. This advantage may be, processing technology are briefly introduced:

1 no contact machining

The principle of view, mainly through the focusing of the laser energy functionafter the formation of strong point, so it can avoid direct contact. Thisprocessing method can be operated in a small area, so the accuracy is more obvious. In addition, the processing method can reduce greatly the localdeformation happened.

2 strong adaptability

By the way of carving it more adaptable, do not need to consider carvingmaterial hardness level, because the ability of laser engraving is extremely strong, any material can be cut. Therefore, its scope of application is more extensive, not material.

3 strong controllability

By combining and automation equipment makes the cutting work become moreautomated, and the limitation of traditional cutting the workpiece does not exist.Set with computer, can the whole piece of completely when discharging, saving in material is also very good.

Processing method is different from the traditional, the technology adaptabilityis very prominent, to non metallic properties carving is other cutting method can not be replaced. Therefore, the advantage of the application of laser engraving machine of this technology will exist for a long time, its development potential is beyond doubt.