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Laser carving machine market prospects


Brand reputation is very important, to build the brand is the enterprise long-term development, no good word-of-mouth, does not have its own brand, theenterprises can only survive two or three "winter", the follow-up will lose the whole market customer groups.

In today's society, the rapid development of science and technology, a year ago the Shenzhou nine and success Tiangong-1 complete implementation of automatic rendezvous and docking, a year later the short anyone care test.Docking after the completion of the task will be to build a space lab. The task will be to "the God nine" manned rendezvous and docking technology"shiweibuque". The spacecraft carrying three astronauts in June 11, 2013 at seventeen thirty-eight to fly into space, will orbit for 15 days, and for the first time in China's astronaut teaching activities, to reflect China's aviation technology of an unprecedented increase. Therefore, in the laser equipment in the industry, to make the laser engraving machine is used in all walks of life,the solution must create various designs, can meet the needs of the market.