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How to choose suitable laser marking machine


Laser marking machine from the development so far, has 40 years of history.Today, laser marking machine is also from the high-tech products into ordinarymachine tool equipment now. With the development of laser marking machine,laser marking machine price is more and more low, more consumers began touse this kind of product.

Life of laser marking machine depends on the life of laser. Semiconductor side pumping laser in the life of 7000~10000 hours. The fiber laser in the life of 70000~100000 hours. So the fiber laser marking machine life span is about 10 times of diode side pump laser marking machine. About 3 times while the fiber laser marking machine price is diode side pump laser marking machine. If we do not consider the disposable investment restrictions, fiber laser marking machine is the preferred.

In plastic, wood, leather, clothing marking is the preferred carbon dioxide laser marking machine. Metal marking should be diode side pump or fiber laser marking machine.

So, just marking machine of choice, according to the actual needs of their ownand the need for marking products were selected, and not the more expensive the better.