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Maintenance method of laser marking machine lens


In laser marking machine, if the laser is the arm of the words, so the lens is itsheart. The lens is the most important part of laser marking machine, laser marking machine so lens price is relatively high. In use, the lens of the great loss. When the lens is damaged, we must replace the lens, and thereplacement, often easy to cause two pollution, so we have to do the following points when replaced:

First, the installation can not be directly used finger contact lenses, should be put on the finger or rubber gloves.

Second, can not eat the sharp instruments so as not to cause lens scratches.

Third, take the lenses must be holding the lens edge.

Fourth, the lens must be placed in dry and clean environment and cleaning. In the table must have a layer of cleaning towel or paper wipe, and several Zhang Qingxi lens tissue.

Fifth, in the use of the process, not close to the lens to speak, can not eat foodin the work environment. In the process of cleaning the lens in the dust, we just want to clean them, do not cause damage to the lens again.

After the replacement after a new lens, the need for regular inspection andcleaning of the lens, a good habits and the use of standardized operation, will greatly prolong the service life of the lens.