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Laser marking the difference between machines and engraving machine


Many users do not understand when purchasing the product, cannotdistinguish laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, think that two isthe same product, laser marking machine prices are often lower than theengraving machine, but the scope is different, today we will talk about the twodifferent.

First, the engraving depth different. Laser marking machine is marked in thesurface layer of a material, the very shallow depth, average depth is less than 0.5mm, and laser engraving depth can play teach deep, 0.1mm to 100mm range, the specific depth or according to the material but.

Second, different velocity. Laser marking machine speed is very fast, up to 8000mm/s, and laser engraving speed is very slow, generally less than 1000mm/s, there is a big gap in the speed.

Third, different processing area. Common laser marking machine is smaller, thefiber laser marking machine is the largest format it for 170mm*170mm. Laser engraving machine area can be up to 2m*2m, the format is very large.

Fourth, the selection of different laser. Laser engraving machine part of theoptical system is composed of three reflecting lens and a focusing mirror, laseris generally carbon dioxide glass tube. Glass tube laser life generally in 2000-10000 hours. Laser marking machine is generally a metal tube (non metal lasermarking machine) and YAG solid laser (metal laser marking machine), life in general more than five years. Laser marking machine metal pipe can beinflated again, recycling. Solid state lasers into life can be replaced after thesemiconductor module.

Through the above 4 difference, believe that many users will be able toimmediately respectively, which is the engraving and marking machine, using a range of different products are different, must not be indiscriminate use.