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A novel UV laser marking machine advantages


Laser marking machine as the product packaging and appearance standardinstrument, because of its high efficiency and without supplies features, even if the laser marking machine is expensive, also favored by many consumers.Recently, the emergence of a UV laser marking machine, its performance ismore excellent.

UV laser marking machine has the advantages of small focusing spot diameter,marking effect is more detailed, ultraviolet light on other materials caused by the absorption rate is high, can be in a variety of metal materials and glassmaterial marking. Narrow pulse width laser materials processing time on thethermal effect caused by the short, small, marking the effect more beautiful.

Can last out the light for 20000 hours, marking a clear, not easy to wear,sculpture, environmental protection, energy efficiency is very high. Mainly applied to the ultra fine processing products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, foodand other packaging bottle surface marking, marking a clear effect of fine, firm;flexible PCB plate marking, scribing; silicon wafer microporous, blind hole processing; two-dimensional code LCD LCD glass marking, glassware, surface marking metal surface coating for marking, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts,communications equipment, building materials, all kinds of mobile phoneaccessories material marking, engraving, crystal glass bottle, wine bottle, glasscarving icon laser engraving etc..

A novel UV marking machine with respect to previous laser marking machine,the main change is the operation more efficiency, effect range is wider, but the price will be increased.