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The returnees opened Shenyang's first 3D printer shop


Now, with the development of science and technology, before the printer can only print "family" also appeared a new guy, 3D printer, laser marking machine,although the price a little expensive, but also good. 3D printer is different from the printer machine, can print all kinds of things, before foreign specialized research people use it to print a smaller than several times the printer, and canwork, very magical.

Small sinus is a fresh from USA come back to study, this time from theAmerican back, he also brought his baby, 3D printer. Speaking of research on 3D printers, small sinus tells us, this is from the previously mentioned, a smallsinus to help him clean up, accidentally knocked over and broke his antiques,grandpa is very sad, small sinus is very sad, after small sinus access the data,know 3D printer technology is very terrible, then began to study, but also verycrazy.

Now, small sinus is the first company in Shenyang to sell the 3D printervendors, and his printer is also very advanced. After that, the small sinus, 3Dprinting technology will be the development of more and more popular, andtechnology will also improve, more and more people will choose to use it, the prospects are very good.