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Import products without Chinese label belongs to the illegal sale of


Now on the market, all kinds of commodity but a superb collection of beautiful things, but a qualified goods, all cannot do without a label. The labels of the products are generally composed of laser marking machine design, product labels like this child birth certificate, indicating the information of this commodity.

Recently, for the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day food safety Jinan District of Fuzhou City, a special inspection, and the three cases withoutChinese label food imports, imports of wine and seized 64 boxes, 37 importgum. After investigation, the two companies have imported foods are notChinese label, can only temporarily.

According to the survey found our own, are currently on the market there are many special import goods shops, these shops sell goods, all come from different countries, or is in a foreign language, or put up a print your ownlabels, as for the specific production and product information is not known, butthese illegal imports are illegal to sell, are not allowed, and specifically whetherimports or questionable.

In the face of imported goods on the market, consumers need to polish their own eyes, in order to prevent counterfeit products cheated money, and buy thefake and shoddy products.