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Austerity policies work this moon cake box in the recycling station to reduce the number of


Once a year the Mid Autumn Festival has been over the past 5 days,presumably the families of the moon cake is eaten, this year after the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cake packaging box is piled up, and this year in our survey, found significantly reduced.

Yesterday, we went to a village, see the sanitation workers are cleaning upgarbage, sanitation aunt told us, this year's festival, a lot of garbage, but the moon cake box is indeed very difficult to see, the previous light pick up themoon cake box can sell for hundreds of, this are few.

Mr. Wei is a junkyard owner, for decades the recycling business he tells us, thisfestival is a big day, sometimes is the vehicle to pull, this day is the ten or twenty box number, compared with previous years far worse.

Public Ma uncle also said with a smile, moon cake box less is good, the packing box and fine less, the country's austerity policies effectively, we buy moon cakemainly and a family happy eating moon cakes, as for the packaging, which is not at all necessary.