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With aromatic beverage packaging will soon be available


Life, beverage and juice in the high streets and back lanes are available, and these drinks are only when eating with the taste to it, or with a little bit of fruit flavor. Recently, the global beverage enterprise Pepsi says, at present the Pepsi Cola Research Institute developed a sends direction odor products, so that consumers in the open drinks or fruit juice to smell fragrant.

It is understood, this process is to forgive some aromatic aromaticencapsulated in a gelatin capsule, when people open the container, the capsule will break the aroma, and the Pepsi Co will also this aromatic packingfiled a patent application, and that will be applied to the fruit juice and iceddrinks.

According to some studies, in that people enjoy some drinks or food, fragrancecan let the taste the mood changes, let the feelings of joy, enhance the tasteexperience of consumers.

It not only can we taste the delicious drink, can smell delicious drink fragrance.