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New laser printer can clear the paper on ink saving resources


The printer in life is ubiquitous in daily work, life, the number of printersgenerally used a lot, but there are many disadvantages for printers, relative to the laser marking machine is also good. Sometimes because of their ownreasons, did not check the need to print the text carefully, if wrong, then we need to re print, this is not only a waste of paper and ink, more can be said to be in the destruction of the environment.

Recently, the British an engineer at the University of Cambridge developed apayment, can use laser to remove the paper traces, and then also will bebased on this approach, developed with the clearance function of the printer,so the paper can be reused, can save more resources.

It is understood, this method is the use of a short pulse laser heating technology, clear printed on paper ink, laser can make the ink evaporationwithout destroying the paper. And also found in the experiment, green laser is the best effect, not only does not destroy the paper, and the paper also will not change color, and the evaporation of the ink can also be used again, verymagical.