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China's packaging machinery must achieve timely optimization to improve competitiveness


In recent years, the rapid development of packaging machinery industry of China in recent years such as laser marking machine, many enterprises haverealized the technology innovation, achieved another upgrade products, butbecause of China's packaging enterprises started late, the level is limited, the line in the key technology of plastic packaging machinery in China or rely on the introduction of technology, which makes the packaging machineryChinese's position is very awkward.

Relative to the rapid development of packaging machinery, because thetechnology with foreign products have no advantage, domestic enterprises in the mechanical use more than 80% are dependent on imports. As the energy saving products over the years the big input, energy-saving industry China has caught up with Europe and the United States, and in some industries, it isbeyond the European and American countries, such as wind power,photovoltaic power generation etc..

Some professionals say, for the packaging industry at present prospects,Chinese market is very large, but domestic equipment to want to get ahead in the competition, must improve through technology and optimization, completelocalization of packaging equipment, it is now the most important target.