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Iphone5S uses a laser marking technology


With the rapid development of electronic industry, hardware industry, lasermarking machine prices lower, laser marking machine, laser engraving machinein the processing and packaging the banking industry also has been widelyused. The laser processing technology is applied and industries. Thistechnology can realize the chuck, drilling, welding and other complex process.

Recently listed on the iphone5S but the fire is, especially soil Hockin, due to itsunique color and symbol of the rich gold, the prices high, has reached 8500 of the price. Although the new version iphone5S paint problems still not resolved,but still can not stop people buying tide.

From the beginning of iphone5, its back began to use aluminum alloy design,not only to reduce weight, but also increase the hand feeling, and so beautifulback design, is the use of laser engraving technology, such technology, itmakes the perfect iphone5.