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Packaging machinery to improve the self value to the technical innovation


In recent years, the domestic food packaging industry is developing rapidly,has been greatly improved in the technology, but still with foreignmanufacturers have a certain gap, which makes the import equipment in Chinais still the food enterprises in the eyes of the fragrant steamed bun, the domestic enterprise development speed is the result of slow. In order to change this situation, the domestic packaging machinery enterprises in the transformation of the development train of thought.

Whether leisure food or the speed of food and food industry, all cannot do without the shadow of packaging machinery. On the packaging machinery at present, mainly filling machine, sealing machine, laser marking machine,sealing machine and so on.

Packaging machinery in China started relatively late, before support is nottechnology, our national enterprises have been through the imitation of foreignproducts, there is no independent innovation, although under the sameconditions of use, can basically meet the needs of normal production, but in theaccuracy and quality of equipment, there is still a big gap.

To vigorously promote the development of packaging machinery, must abandon the old idea before, new method to take independent innovation. Only the independent innovation, to make their own products, have their own product advantages.