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Processing method of laser marking machine of simple faults


With the development of packaging machinery, more and more manufacturerschoose to use more advanced techniques of laser marking machine. But in thelaser marking machine when problems arise, the manufacturer does not solve the problem, it often will affect their product delivery time.

Although the laser marking machine is high technology products, repair is very troublesome, but still far away from the very simple, some problems can besolved.

A, laser marking machine marking pattern is not clear

The 1 solution: check the molded plate thickness is uniform, molding pressureis too small, the temperature is appropriate, whether the decline of machineprecision.

2 process control points: moulded board should control the error within 0.001 mm, thickness in 230-280N/mm. Because of the pressure, if the thickness is not enough, the molded plate deformation and damage in the stress process.

Two, laser marking machine marking pattern dim and dark

1 solutions: check the heating temperature is too low, molding pressure drops.

2 process control points: the molding pressure set to consider the molding temperature, material type and so on, for different situations, tocomprehensively regulate different, has the best effect.