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Laser vision inspection systems used in the automotive industry


With the continuous improvement of industrial water chemicals, not just packaging companies use laser marking machine, the automobile industry has to spend a laser vision detection system.

Application of laser technology in the process of industrialization contributed to the role, including laser vision inspection system in China is gradually applied.

Because of China's automobile industry to improve, but not every car company now, we need to control the use of system size, there is a problem it will be promptly found and returned to the repair area, so we can guarantee to every one but not all qualified the combination.

In addition, laser vision inspection system installed yet widely used in the production of Korea, such as door assembly, welding and cutting front rear taillight body positioning formation.

In the conventional process of welding process, the error is large, it is difficult to control, leading to dimensional instability after visual inspection using laser technology, after passing through the laser line measurement, and stored in the controller according to the mold to ensure uniformity of the size.