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Fiber laser marking machine main uses


Fiber laser marking machine is used for computer-controlled laser etched characters on the card, barcode pattern memory, etc., have to identify the effect is more beautiful, no supplies, maintenance-free advantages.

Currently, fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for mobile telecommunications industry standard engraved card, IC card Industrial urban public marking its specific application areas covered by public transportation, rental, rail transportation, water supply, heating, gas, garden landscape, digital community, bridge toll, parking management, etc. very wide range of areas.

Smart card, also known a smart card, IC card, IC card, or a paste of a portable card with embedded integrated circuit chip. It is to have a large capacity memory and a microprocessor chip embedded in an integrated circuit mounted on a plastic substrate is formed, its shape is similar to an ordinary card.

With the development of the smart card is a semiconductor technology, and social security for the impatient and storage capacity rising demands emerged. Today, smart cards have become a new star in the information society, the common smart card IC card phones, identity cards, and transportation tickets and IC memory card.