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Laser marking machine work basic principles


Now society, skilled laser marking machine used in all walks of life . Laser marking machine is mainly used laser local chemical reactions to the article , so stay exquisite pattern or mark on the goods , but because of the particularity of the laser , so that these patterns are permanent.

Currently, laser marking machine is mainly a semiconductor laser marking machine , laser marking machine carbon dioxide and other products , and in different areas, of course, use of the product is different.

Laser marking machine is a kind of high-tech equipment , to understand its basic working principle of fault repair will certainly help . Laser marking laser light beam can rely on the material surface physical and chemical reactions occur , Popular, that is, by melting etched graphics and text.

Laser marking machine work basic principles of hot and cold two kinds of processing. Thermal processing method for processing a high energy laser beam is emitted to irradiate the surface of the material to be machined , due to absorption of the irradiated portion of the laser excitation energy to generate heat , the temperature increased rapidly , thus changing the shape , the occurrence of ablation , vaporization and so on.

The cold , the load is high photon energy , interrupting bond material or the surrounding medium , so that the occurrence of non-thermal process destroys the material . Laser marking machine for cold than heat ablation, no heat loss , does not make the material processing area near the inner layer and the deformation of the consequences of this processing method for laser marking significant , so more attractive without laser marking waste of materials and energy .

Therefore, different laser marking machine basic principle is different, watched these little knowledge , I believe you can understand a lot.