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Laser marking machine fault analysis and repair techniques


Laser marking machine common fault analysis and repair techniques , laser marking machine breakdown maintenance should pay attention to the following points : First, to understand the types of laser marking machine equipment , structure and working principle ; Failure to have the maintenance level concept , starting from basic , layers of depth , look beyond the surface , to find the root cause of the failure ; divergent thinking maintenance , with particular attention to the impact of external devices to the host.

Here are two common laser marking machine malfunction

1 , laser marking machine 's power indicator is not lit

This happens usually because the fuse has been broken, the power line is bad, bad line or indicator lights have been caused by bad , then we must check the fuse , if the fuse has blown , that the replacement fuse ; Check the power supply into the lines, repair the wire ;

Check the indicator light is bad replace if you can , to solve this problem is relatively simple. Sometimes there will be a continuous situation fuse is blown , it may be due to a short circuit or serious internal marking machine stolen , then you need to be gradually excluded lines , or cleaning inside play marker .

2 , high-pressure krypton lamp can not ignite

Laser marking machine should be the normal boot sequence : first open the pump , and then open the power, operate under normal circumstances there will be about 260V DC voltage readings on the panel , after a few seconds , the rectifier circuit voltage will probably rise to a kilovolt , then press the ignition switch, press the opening moments, the transformer to generate a million volts of high pressure to the high pressure krypton lights.

Then high voltage circuit will be cut off , 260V DC main circuit then dropped to about one hundred volts applied to high-pressure krypton lamp , high-pressure krypton lamp that successful pre-ignition .

When the high-pressure situation can not ignite krypton , etc. , should first check the voltage meter reading is not about 260V. If not, explain the main circuit or rectifier circuit problems ; If the voltmeter readings at around 260V, should be checked before the ignition switch is not pressed by the high-pressure krypton voltage across the lamp is not to reach a kilovolt .

If the check 4 does not reach the voltage doubler circuit ; if has been reached, the ignition switch is pressed on the attention when hyperbaric krypton lamp by the ends of the metal shell has no bare krypton lamp