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Fiber laser marking machine development process


Laser For now people who are already familiar with , but for which there are still many questions . The laser is one of the great inventions of the 20th century , it is about 10 billion times the brightness of sunlight .

In fact, the concept of maximum laser Einstein discovered , but that was only the first use of the laser in 1960 . I come from a laser beginning, has been the rapid development and lead to a whole new industry .

Fiber laser marking machine is a new laser 20 years of rapid development , it is good beam quality, high efficiency, good temperature stability , simple structure , capable of poor working conditions , the focused spot has a small diameter , roundness high energy stability and a clear outline rules and so on.

In depth , smoothness, finesse demanding material processing , fiber lasers compared with other laser has an absolute advantage. At present , the application of fiber lasers and more widely in the future will become the first choice for many applications in the field of lasers .

Fiber laser marking aspects of the earliest applications , technology is very mature. Currently , fiber laser marking machine increasing market share , have been widely used in many fields integrated circuit chip, computer accessories, industrial bearings , clocks, aerospace components , food packaging.