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Simple processing laser marking machine failures


Laser marking machine is the modern field of laser processing technology the most mature , the most widely used one technique , the relative laser welding , laser cutting and laser heat treatment , such as laser technology, the more advantages , more advanced .

But no matter how advanced the device is how how how mature , there will be the fault of the day, in fact, faced with some simple fault , the user still has to learn a simple analysis.

1 , laser marking machine alarm

The reasons for this are generally three ways: first, the motherboard is loose , then just plug it would remove the motherboard , make sure plugged in to ; Second , the cooling system is not open, the laser temperature inside the condenser chamber the destruction of the laser tube , after police found the first air-conditioning system is turned on, check the laser tube , if you need to confirm the timely replacement of damaged ; third, the cooling system water temperature is too high or not enough , it needs to be distilled or deionized water to Additions to the cooling system into the tank and check the water level frequently .

2 , computer software error , can not enter the marking process

Sometimes a computer software data read error problem , marking the program suddenly lost. Then just reboot the computer, you can download the program . It should be noted that this may be due to an error caused by the hard disk , the program is recommended for backup or replacement hard drive.

In order to allow laser marking machine work better , laser marking machine user works it is necessary to make a simple to understand , summarize laser marking machine common type of fault , to explore the appropriate repair methods and solutions so as to ensure the normal use of laser marking machine , and improve work efficiency.