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What is the cover model marking machine


Since China joined the WTO, China 's exports Chiayi more frequently, and with the import and export of domestic products , found that many domestic products abroad on the outside are not recognized by consumers , so use some techniques Excellent package machinery for manufacturing enterprises is essential, and laser marking machine is one of the most outstanding performance . Today we'll look at laser marking machine marking machine cover model .

Mask pattern by laser marking machine , mask and imaging lens , and its working principle is on a template , will be marking numbers, characters , barcodes, images carved empty mask made by the telescope beam expander laser , even in well in advance of the projected mask plate light transmission from an empty part of the carving . The mask pattern is imaged by the lens workpiece ( focal plane) .

Mask pattern marking machine has the advantage of a laser pulse once able to play a full , including the marking of several symbols , so fast marking speed . For high-volume products, direct marking on the production line . The disadvantage is marking poor flexibility , energy utilization is low ; different markers requires a different font , and the marking process, most of the light is blocked by an unnecessary waste matrix , the current marking machine is being phased out .

How, now you saw the cover model I introduce to you the marking machine , is not it understand a lot of it ? If you want to know about other laser marking machine , then it would wait for the next issue , I have here a lot to introduce Oh !