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What is an array type marking machine


As a leading manufacturer of modern packaging compliance tool , laser marking machine is expensive though , but because of its excellent performance and strong operating efficiency , loved by the majority of manufacturers , today , Xiao Bian will take you to understand the next array marking machine.

Array marking system is the use of several small laser pulses transmitted simultaneously through the mirror and focusing lens , making several laser pulses are marking on the surface of the material ablation ( melting ) of uniform size and depth of the pits , each character from these patterns are composed of small round black pits , generally horizontal stroke five points, 7 points , vertical stroke , so as to form a 5 × 7 array .

Array marking generally use low-power RF excited CO2 laser, its marking speed up to 6000 characters / wonderful, and thus become an ideal choice for high-speed line marking , the drawback is marked only dot matrix characters , and can only reach 5 × 7 resolution, the characters do nothing.

How, having read so useful knowledge, I believe many people array marking machine for better understanding , it seems kind of laser marking machine is still a lot of it, today Xiaobian take you all have to understand a laser marking drive it!